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        1. Baby Wipes

          Home / Products / Wet Wipes / Baby Wipes / SJ01Naive Baby Little Elephant 10 PCS Portable Baby Wet Wipes

          SJ01Naive Baby Little Elephant 10 PCS Portable Baby Wet Wipes

          Naive Baby 10 PCS Wet Wipes are lightweight and compact, designed for travel to ease the burden of parents on the go. These wipes can efficiently protect your baby's delicate skin cause its moisturising formula, enriched natural aloe vera plant extracts and vitamin E. For packaging, we can offer a wide range of quantity options such as single, 10 and 12 pieces, as well as packaging methods such as four-sided sealing and three-sided sealing. Welcome to contact us for product customization service!


          Product details

          Materials: ?Spunlace Non-Woven Fabric, Vitamin E, Aloe Essence
          Sheet Size: 12×16 cm
          Product Benefits: Softening, Clean, PH Balancing, Hypoallergenic
          Skin Type: Sensitive
          Certificate: FDA, GMPC, CE, BSCI
          Usage: Baby skin and daily utensils cleaning

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