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        1. Baby Wipes

          Home / Products / Wet Wipes / Baby Wipes / SJ04-JIAYAN Purple Unscented 80 PCS Hands and Mouth Baby Wet Wipes

          SJ04-JIAYAN Purple Unscented 80 PCS Hands and Mouth Baby Wet Wipes

          JIAYAN 80 PCS Hands and Mouth Baby Wet Wipes?put baby's safety first and have passed a number of skin irritation and allergy tests, the product is free from allergenic ingredients.?The packaging adopts a three-layer composite aluminium film design, which increases the sealing and heat insulation, reduces the interference of external temperature on the product, locks in water and moisture, and the aluminium film shading effect makes the wipes easier to keep, effectively extending the service life of the wipes and making them safer and more hygienic to use. Our company has more than 20 years of experience in wet wipes production, welcome to consult OEM/ODM customization service!


          Product details


          Spunlace Non-Woven Fabric, Vitamin E

          Sheet Size:

          14×18 cm

          Product Benefits:


          Skin Type:



          ?FDA, GMPC, CE, BSCI


          Baby skin and daily utensils cleaning

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