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          R&D and Innovation

          Innovation is the fundamental concept for the long-term development of Jiayan. Our company now has its own R&D team of dozens of people, cooperates with Shanghai University to research and develop new products and processes, has a number of invention patents and practical novelty patents, and has been awarded as "High-tech Enterprise of Zhejiang Province". We insist on the road of design and R&D branding and internationalization.


          Production Capacity

          • Wet Wipes

            Our company has been deeply involved in the wet wipes industry for more than 20 years and now has a 100,000-grade aseptic production workshop, which has achieved fully enclosed air-conditioned aseptic and purified production. The workshop is equipped with 10 fully automatic wet wipes production lines, as well as a full set of production and testing equipment and RO reverse osmosis pure water production lines, meeting all the hardware requirements for the production and testing of wet wipes in different sizes and packages. In addition, we have our own production and R&D laboratory, equipped with a group of highly qualified sanitary technicians for wet wipes and a professional technical team for new product development, which provides a solid knowledge and technical basis for wet wipes R&D and production.

          • Straws

            With nearly 30 years of experience in straw production, our company now has over 60 fully-automated straw production lines and can handle large-scale customised orders for straws of various materials and sizes. At the same time, we strictly comply with international quality standards such as ISO-9000 and ISO14000, and do not compromise on the quality of our products while maintaining our production capacity. In addition, our products are made from food-grade raw materials, have been certified by the FDA, CE, LFBG and other authoritative international quality standards and are exported all over the world and are well accepted by customers at home and abroad.

          • Dry Towels

            The company has 4 fully automatic towel production lines and 12 roll towel production lines, of which, the annual output of towel can reach 80 million packs and roll towel can reach 20 million packs. Our dry towels are made from our own non-woven fabric, so we can control the whole process from raw material to production, which guarantees the quality of our products. The factory has passed many international certifications such as BSCI, GMPC and FSC.

          • Nonwovens

            The nonwoven production workshop covers an area of 10,000 square meters, with standardized and dust-free production. There are two fully automatic spunlace nonwoven production lines with an annual output of 100 million tons, which can produce non-woven fabrics of different textures, ratios and grammages according to customers' requirements.


          Quality assurance

          • Raw material control

            Our company has its own strict screening system for qualified suppliers, and the procurement department strictly selects raw material suppliers to ensure the safety and stability of raw material sources. All materials are non irritant and harmless to human skin; they can meet the requirements of EU and US for material quality standards

          • Production control

            100000 level purification workshop, weekly detection of air settling bacteria, table bacteria, etc. in the clean area, and detection and disinfection and sterilization of bacteria on the hands of personnel, clean production, to ensure safety and high quality

          • Strict quality inspection

            We have a strict quality control system. Skilled workers pay attention to every detail in the production and packaging process, and the laboratory will also inspect semi-finished products and finished products. Testing includes microbiological testing and other tests to further ensure the stability and quality of the product.

          Third party inspection

          We support third-party inspection and can provide customers with quality assurance documents such as test reports. We will try our best to meet your requirements+ Display of quality related certificates


          Welcome to contact us

          • Expression of interest

            Feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to receive a free quote for your. Please fill in the contact form below or email [email protected]

          • Email:

            [email protected]

          • Address:

            No. 10, Wei Ya Road, Shang Xi Industrial Zone, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.